Siegfried and the Dragon:

Siegfried and the Dragon is an adventure game based on the story about Siegfried and Mime, two heroes in the old German tradition. Siegfried has the task to kill the dragon named Fafner. He can do this only using a special sword which he has to find first before he can meet Fafner.The sword even has a name: Notung.  Mime, Siegfried's friend is not strong enough to fight the dragon but he can help Siegfried to find certain items, pick them up and hand them over to him.. Siegfried and Mime have the task to retrieve a certain treasure from a treasure chest that has to be unlocked with a specific key.
  • Once Siegfried is in possession of the treasure and if the dragon has been killed the game is won.
  • If Siegfried gets killed the game is lost.
  • Siegfried can get killed by the dragon or by exhaustion. Mime is supposed to help Siegfried either to get the key for the treasure chest or to get the sword or even the treasure. But Mime has to pass these things on to Siegfried because only he can fight the dragon and he is supposed to return the treasure.

    At the beginning of the game the sword and the key are invisible. If a person enters a room in which the sword or the key are located, these items are made visible on the screen. Fafner, the dragon, guards the treasure but once in a while he decides to wander around in the castle, leaving the treasure unguarded.

    The player can use the operator control panel to moveSiegfried or Mime in any of the four directions if a door is available. The player can also make Siegfried or Mime take one of the specific items, required to win the game. The energy of each person is decreased by a move from one room to another or by a fight with the dragon.

    The keys of the control panel are arranged in two rows. The first one controls Siegfried and the 2nd one controls Mime.

    The abbreviations on the keys have the following meaning:

    Start game: Siegfried and the Dragon
    Siegfried and the Dragon