Douay Rheims Bible

TAN Books, publisher of the Douay Rheims Bible says this:
The best, most accurate, safest English translation that you can use. A careful word-for-word translation of the Latin Vulgate Bible (the official Bible of the Church)--plus of the original New Testament Greek. This version is a joy to read, is full of surprises and really makes the Bible come alive! Contains those familiar, profound and commanding Bible passages which say to all, "This is Sacred Scripture!"

Download a free copy of the Douay Rheims, parallel (side-by-side screen) with the Latin Vulgate (fully searchable):
Douay Rheims/Vulgate Software

If you would like to download the Douay Rheims alone (two large files: Old Testament and New Testament), right click on your mouse at one of the links below (then choosing 'save target as') and download it to your computer. This is very useful Bible study tool, allowing you to be able to search for words or phrases with your computer

Ascii Text Edition: Old Testament
Ascii Text Edition: New Testament (**has each Chapter identified for easy reference)
Miscrosoft Wordpad (.doc) Edition: Old Testament
Microsoft Wordpad (.doc) Edition: New Testament
New and Old Testament in a ZIP file

To order a copy of the Douay Rheims Bible and other great Catholic books, go to All Catholic Books.