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Sonstiges Simulation der Prinzipien der thomistischen Metaphysik

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Onto-Simula: Simulation der thomistischen Metaphysik

Introduction to OntoSimula:

OntoSimula consists of a simplified model of a "being as being". The underlying thought is, that beings are composed of "existentia" and "essentia", i.e. the "act of to be" and the limitation of this act by the nature of the being.

The model illustrates the following metaphysical concepts:

  • "existentia" or "esse" or "act-of-to-be"
  • "essence in the wide sense",
  • "essence in the strict sense (fully individuated essence)",
  • "correlationship between 'act-of-to-be' and 'essence' "
  • "first principle of identity" ('unum sequitur esse')
  • "first principle of intelligibility" ('verum sequitur esse')
  • "first principle of causality" (participated beings must be caused)
  • "first principle of finality" ('omne agens agit propter finem' and 'bonum sequitur esse')
  • "participated being"
  • "change of essence" (by growing older for example),
  • "freedom of person to make decisions" (the program is not deterministic).
  • "analogy of being"

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